Dharma, The Musical is a musical comedy and spiritual journey that explores changing realities, influences, deceptions, and wisdom from an inspirational and fun perspective.

The play begins with glimpses in the life of the main character, a creative NYC woman who beats to a different drum. She arrives at a place of confusion, searching and waiting for something to happen.


What happens is a complete shift in reality. She gets transported into another realm much in the same way as Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz. She is shown the Path to Enlightenment and encounters positive and negative influences along the way including meeting a goddess, an antagonist, a love interest, animal friends, and maras- some help, some trick, some teach.


The conclusion brings our main character full circle in this magical journey.

My name is Joan, I’m a songwriter and have many songs and pieces of songs that would fit well in this show. However I am open to new material.

I’m not playright. I’m an idea person. I have an outline (with a bit of dialogue) of the flow of the piece and some basic characters. It’s simple. I don’t want anything complicated. It’s probably more childlike than it needs to be so some enhancements and polishing would be good.

Send me an email and I’ll provide more information.  info@dharmathemusical.com